About Us

Welcome to Zuri Moneek, your online destination for fashionable, high-quality women's wear. 

Zuri in Swahili stands for BEAUTIFUL. Here at Zuri Moneek, we pride ourselves in offering fashionable and affordable pieces for women of ALL sizes. No matter the occasion, Zuri Moneek has a style desired just for you. 

Melissa, who founded Zuri Moneek and considers herself to be a fashionista created Zuri Moneek for women like herself. As a God-fearing woman, who has went through adversities in life such as raising a set of twins on her own at 19 years old. In 2019, Melissa established Zuri Moneek on the premise of wanting all women to feel beautiful regardless of their skin color, shape, size, or no matter what they were growing through, she wants women to still be encouraged and look as such. Melissa know's what it feels like to want to feel confident, to want to feel beautiful, to want to feel respected and even sexy. In Zuri Moneek, you will find that look for whatever occasion you desire. 

Lastly, but not least, Zuri Moneek prides themselves in keeping their customers first. ♥